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His firm bought a company in Holyoke and moved its headquarters to Dallas, Texas. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I would like to say to the people of Massachusetts that if you think it can`t happen to you, think again -- because we thought it wouldn`t happen here either.

Romney in 1994, eight years later in 2002, Shannon O`Brien decided to use the GST Steel Mill experience against Mr. GST Steel Mill was a mill in operation since 1888 before Bain got ahold of it.

The end was the mill shut down, 750 jobs lost, the employees did not get the severance pay or the health insurance they have been promised.

So, even his own frame of mind in 2002 as he looked back over the previous three years was a leave of absence. But now you fast forward 15 years and look at what they`re saying now in the financial disclosure form, for example. So they`ve really sort of evolved to what they`ve said themselves and what the candidate had said himself about his frame of mind during that time. Romney tonight in Wyoming at an event that is closed to TV cameras, as you see here. Impressive in the sense you have to try to get an approval rating that low. No Republican wants to remind the country of what it was like the last time we had a Republican in the White House. There is some stuff about the Bush-Cheney years that was actually pretty good compared to what Romney and the Republicans are offering right now. Bush actually did some significant outreach to minority voters. Bush`s 2004 campaign manager Ken Mehlman going to the NAACP in 2005 during President Bush`s second term, making a genuine effort to court African-American votes. Mehlman apologized to the NAACP on behalf of the Republican Party for the party`s history of playing racial politics in the past in order to court white voters.

MADDOW: Christopher Rowland, the Washington bureau chief of "The Boston Globe" -- thank you for helping us sort there this. There will be no video evidence of Mitt Romney standing next to Dick Cheney tonight. George Bush, despite his best efforts almost managed to get an approval rating that low. That data right there I think goes a long way to explaining why tonight in Wyoming is the first joint appearance by Mitt Romney with either George Bush or Dick Cheney, and at that joint appearance -- no cameras. Ken Mehlman said it was wrong for the Republicans to have done that.

You know, how can you retire from a company in 1999 and then remain as president and CEO and chairman? I mean, they haven`t been table to show that any of the reporting was inaccurate. Can we go to the video tape of the big Romney-Cheney videotape in Wyoming?