Rihanna lil wayne dating

Witnesses say they sat at adjacent tables, but "stayed close all night." This isn't as solid a piece of relationship evidence as, say, a hand-holding scenario.

But, it's enough to feel like you've swallowed a stone or something.

Slackk: Raw Missions EP (Local Action) Taking their cue from old Ruff Sqwad grime beats, the evocative widescreen melodies and rattling drums of Blue Sleet and Fat City are the highlights of this EP – the perfect balance of rawness and beauty. (Def Jam) She churns out material faster than a sweatshop worker but the sloppiness of Rihanna’s work is starting to show: this crudely stitched-together, rudimentary hook and cheap bass drop sounds rushed and basic.

Rudimental feat John Newman: Feel The Love (Asylum/Black Butter) Formerly known for their smooth funky house vibes, east London collective Rudimental go shamelessly for the charts’ jugulars with this drum’n’bass-dubstep-soul fusion.

Wayne doesn’t reveal which girlfriend Drake smashed but many believe it was Dhea Sodano.