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Following brief goodwill visits to Singapore and Malaysia, s was involved in local exercises and spent a brief period in the hands of Cockatoo Island Dockyard for a mid-cycle survey.

This was followed by work-ups, an operational readiness evaluation, and passage to South East Asia, via Adelaide, for participation in Exercise STARFISH 93.

A short deployment to Western Australian waters followed and while berthed at HMAS s' final year in commission began with routine exercises off the NSW coast followed by a brief visit to Newcastle and a deployment to New Zealand where she operated with ships of the Royal New Zealand Navy and French Navy.

On Friday 4 August 1995, , Sydney, for the last time to home-port and decommission in Western Australia.

Short visits to Singapore and Bali followed before s was involved in exercises off the east coast of Australia before deploying to Hawaii to participate in RIMPAC 94.