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One student commented, "I had stopped going to my local yoga studio because it seemed that suddenly we had this terribly young staff of teachers and they were all into handstands and headstands. I wanted a gentle but thorough approach with emphasis on stretching and staying limber.

And that's what you delivered." Most of "my seniors" say that yoga gives them a greater sense of well being.

A man with Parkinson's who has been using one of my DVDs for about a year shared a great quote with me that he heard regarding this approach to exercise from one of his doctors: "If a waterfall stops moving in winter, it freezes up." I have tried to create a system that is inclusive and accessible so that people of almost any size, shape, and condition can participate.

I also try to keep Ageless Yoga light-hearted and natural so that people can feel at ease, relaxed, and free to be themselves.

Senior yoga classes are becoming more popular around the U. That's because regular yoga practice offers a number of benefits, including less strain on joints, increased circulation, reduced inflammation, and better overall sense of wellbeing.