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Solar vendors aren’t selling panels on a person’s house or apartment, but rather a subscription to a large, centrally located “solar garden” operated by an independent energy company.

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I made sense of drakes chasing females and each other. I caught two of the signals a duck pair used to communicate readiness to mate — swimming with bill flat to the water and head nodding.

Other courtship signals I probably missed for lack of recognition and speed of performance. Male mallards will shake their heads and/or their tails to gain the attention of females.

Topics will include the types of contracts, pricing variations and early termination penalties.

Solar developers expected to attend include Able Energy Co., Community Energy Solar, Cooperative Energy Futures, Novel Energy Solutions/Minnesota Community Solar, Sundial Solar and Sun Share.

According to Clean Energy Research Teams, a University of Minnesota group tracking shared solar, a residential customer now paying Xcel about $75 per month for electricity might pay $60 a month to subscribe to a solar garden.