Speed dating queenstown

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Last year's ' Date & Ride' was a big succes and we're back to do it all over again.

Cycle Speed Dating was founded in London (UK) in 2013 and is the perfect way to meet like-minded people, on your bike, offline.

Here is your opportunity to strike gold in more ways than one at SKYCITY Queenstown!

(Like Tinder - Both partners have to say ' Yes' to have their number passed on & to receive your new bae's phone number).

Tickets include a drink on arrival, a specially prepared cocktail after the ride (at No.5 Church Lane) a snack and an email with your matches after the event. During this event men get to date women and the other way around. We do understand there are many shades of gender and orientation - please drop us a message if you are interested in a different event and we'll keep you posted...