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Think of the student-professor relationship as a partnership with a common goal: your success.

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College courses nearly always require more reading, more homework and more of your time than your high school courses did. Don’t study something because your mother, father or friend thinks you should. Here are some hints on asking for help: Learning is lifelong.

It doesn’t mean you’re an alien from outer space if you: But if you’re having trouble clarifying your goals, see an adviser in Academic Support. Highlands University offers a lot of support services that are yours, free, just for the asking. Look to professors, advisers and college staff for support, but not for decisions. You’re never too old, too young, too nervous, or too inexperienced for college.

According to a study by Hanover Research, “Student choice makes students active participants in their educations, thereby increasing levels of engagement.

Notably, researchers highlight the fact that such autonomy is generally associated with greater personal well‐being and satisfaction in educational environments as well as in terms of academic performance.” When I challenged my ninth graders to write editorials about issues they felt passionate about, they very quickly began to share their opinions about a range of issues such as gun safety, discrimination on gay dating sites, increased wages for the military, and how veganism may be the solution to global warming.

I taught strategies for effective argument writing, and they eagerly began to search for sources to prove their points, attempting to convey the magnitude of the issues yet temper their obvious bias, so they could convince readers to change their thinking.