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He lives with his parents, Lisa and Bill Brasco, and has a sister, Adele, a senior at Slippery Rock University. When he's not working at Things Remembered in Westmoreland Mall, working out at LA Fitness in Hempfield or answering fire calls, he's often working — or playing — with the dogs at the Animal Friends of Westmoreland shelter in Youngwood.

“Then we started changing things up the way I liked it, like with bodybuilding, firefighting, stuff like that.

It was so much better once they found out that's the kind of story I wanted to portray.

“It was really making me sad on social media, how little people were being portrayed. With little people, the real problem is weight gain.

If you don't work on your diet or work out, you're going to have weight gain,” he says.

Animals need me more than I need them, but some days, I need them more than they need me.” Don't give up He says he thinks anyone's life can be improved by finding a cause.