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are both anthemic and heavy, and Erik Meyer (Rik) sings with this affectation where his over-the-top enthusiasm could easily be read as cynicism.

This feels especially true of “America,” a track where triumphant power chords are the backdrop for a seemingly patriotic sentiment: “America, it’s red white and blue!

The opening track from their EP, “MPQN,” begins with a minute-long slow burn—the gradual pound of drums, an ominous bassline, screeching guitar feedback—before picking up in both speed and heft.

Singer Camille Rearden’s message is extremely clear: “Chronic mental illness isn’t sexy/You can’t fucking fix me.” She adds, pertinently, “Fetishize at your own risk.”Stiff Prescription is full of scream-filled, feedback-laden bashers.

Like a few other songs on the album, “I Need a Doctor” isn’t brand new—they previously recorded it for the 2017 tape .