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1-10 is a tall, big outlined boar prospect that has big clean joints with the proper angles, he sets high on his pasterns and these factors allow him to travel with ease and comfort.1-10 is wide chested and rolls a massive amount of product down his top and is very impressive from behind.

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Yep that's right tall, pretty and shapely with body and mass on an ideal pastern!

Grand Champion Breeding Gilt 2017 Kankakee County Fair Bred by Hi Point - Sired by C'Mon Shown by Avery Wright Sold in our April 4th Online Sale, as pictured on far right!

Lot#: 15 EN: 86-3 XB Breed: Crossbred Barrow Date Born: April Sire: Stanky Leg Dam: 21 Jump St Description:: The red belt is the biggest ribbed, fullest market hog in the entire offering.

86-3 is stout and square in his build and can be held or pushed because he is so correct off all four. Then in terms of color pattern and quality bring one out thatis way good in both places and feed the red belt. Bred by Hi Point - Sired by Stanky Leg Shown by Madelyn Sisson Sold in our June 27th Online Sale, as pictured on far right!

They carry that mass both up high and down low at the ground and are as true and square as we have seen.