Tw auto updating maps

This is calculated by dividing their total conquers (not including self-conquers) by the time since their first conquer. Tribal Wars Map is a tool that helps you greatly speed up your daily routine.It is Microsoft's own answer to Google Maps which are available on Android and online.

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Find your world on the left, or continue reading for details about the maps. Average Points/Player The 15 tribes with the highest average points per player.

Maps update every 4 hours, and new worlds and servers should automatically appear on the left as soon as they open for pre-registration. This takes into account all members, not just the top 40. Recent Conquers The 15 tribes with the most conquers in the past 48 hours.

You can choose to perform the update yourself or schedule an appointment with your preferred dealer.

If you choose to perform the update yourself, you will need to follow the 2-step process outlined below.

From a quick test it seems like the import creates an embedded file, and looses the link to the sheet.