Updating archoes 5 firmware without wifi Sexy oon text chat

Following the success of its 605 Wi Fi, -Archos has extended its line of portable media players with a new generation: the Archos 5 and 7.These models represent a change for the company, whose “Internet Media Tablets” are more like plain-old multimedia players. On paper, the Archos 5 is appealing, thanks in particular to a new, faster Texas Instruments central processor and a larger screen. Should you abandon that music player you just bought and rush out to buy an Archos 5?

Rather than try to edit out your mistake, it is often better to simply hold down the Ctrl key, and press the M key followed by the J key, which will generate an Error message.

Then, you can start again and type the correct input.

In addition, a means of resetting the IC and putting it in the download mode must be provided.

The schematic diagram and photograph below show the recommended setup; note that the wire colors in the schematic correspond to the wire colors in the photograph.

Click the Open button, and a Pu TTY terminal session window should open.