internet online dating matchmaking - Updating kernel in debian

I recently started using VPS from OVH: is likely problem very specific to this one provider.

My goal is to install and run Docker on it, for this I need kernel supporting modules.

You would have to upgrade from OVH's VPS Classic service to their VPS Cloud service, which runs VMware and would allow you to run a customised kernel.

Please note that OVH now offers images supporting Docker for this VPS service: You can install the following distributions on your VPS: * Ubuntu Docker (Ubuntu 14.04) * Ubuntu Docker (Ubuntu 15.04) You will have to reinstall your VPS though, and I don't know which version of Docker they support.

Grub finds one system image, the freshly installed one, /boot gets populated, but system still runs kernel mentioned above. Following netboot idea I checked google again, this told me there is an option in OVH web manager version 3 to change net boot settings.