Updating mandrake 10

Another problem is that they declared the cost of the items as 89.00 USD (Power Pack 8.0 plus shipment) instead of 69.00 USD, which was the price for the Power Pack alone.After contacting Mandrake's Customer Service they said everything was in order and they did not help me to solve the problem (they did not even answer my last e-mail) so, I had to pay an extra 45 USD to have the box in my hands.

updating mandrake 10-22

get a full rundown of new features on the mandrake 8.1 introduction page.

in version 8.1, mandrake also highlights a new mandrakesoft service entitled mandrake online.

mandrake is a favorite linux distribution of many home users looking for ease of use in a gui (graphical user interface) environment.

the newest version of mandrake linux makes more headway towards that end and improves on many of the graphical tools used to manage linux.

for linux, you not only have multiple guis to choose from, but competing distributions like red hat and mandrake are each developing their own wizards and tools to help manage hardware and daily tasks.