Updating terastation firmware

(even though you have enough IT experience to know firmware updates are scary and dangerous things, that make sane persons shriek in terror and run out of the building and catch a plane from the nearest airport to ….Well anywhere the kit does not need a firmware upgrade…) But being an idiot (believe me I AM! You Click OK to start the update, and then you enter the code that is displayed, and off the 6 part process starts.

updating terastation firmware-35

I would like to upgrade my terastation with 4 TB hard drive in each bay that will give us 32 TB space. However I understand that I would have to backup my files before upgrading my Tera Station.

Currently the partition we are using is RAID 10, and we would like to use this in future as well.

Are there any other things that I should be concerned about?

I recently needed to return a Linkstation NAS back to a previous firmware version.

Make sure xxth backup task is configured correctly.