Quick chat with local girls for dating - Usps shipping status not updating

Packages may sometimes be scanned as "delivered" when they're sorted and loaded onto a vehicle for delivery, instead of at the actual moment of delivery.

In rare cases, packages can take a few business days from that point to reach you, depending on their delivery schedule.

I realize that it was just a long weekend however I would expect to have seen some movement in the package or at least an update recently. Damn that's rough...10 days without an update is brutal. from what I've found this means that it's at customs and hasn't left.

I can only assume that this is business days I guess. Usually when I use UPS I get a series of checkpoints letting me know where my package is. Mine will probably be even longer though because of the May 2-4. I broke my resistance bands on day 14 of P90X and now the work is lost because of how long t's taking you!!

If you purchased the shipping method USPS First Class International, you received a customs number, not a tracking number.

Packages shipping via USPS First Class International do not have full tracking, and will not display up-to-date status information or update regularly.

Once a USPS package enters Canada, I usually get much more frequent updates from Canada Post.