Validating an xml document

Entities that are stored in an encoding other than UTF-8 or UTF-16 must begin with an XML declaration containing an encoding specification indicating the character encoding in use.

For example: Entities encoded in UTF-16 must begin with the Byte Order Mark (BOM), as described in Appendix F of the XML 1.0 Reference.

The examples here illustrate techniques for accessing and managing XML content in purchase orders.

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You create a virtual column based on an XML element or attribute by defining it in terms of a SQL expression that involves that element or attribute; that is, you create a function-based column. For example, if you are sure that a given source XML document is valid, you can provide an argument to the constructor that disables the type-checking that is otherwise performed.

In addition, if the source data is not encoded in the database character set, an OCIEnv *envhp; OCIError *errhp; OCISvc Ctx *svchp; OCIStmt *stmthp; OCIServer *srvhp; OCIDuration dur; OCISession *sesshp; oratext *username = "QUINE"; oratext *password = "************"; /* Replace with the real password.

*/ oratext *filename = "AMCEWEN-20021009123336171PDT.xml"; oratext *schemaloc = " Source/xsd/purchase Order.xsd"; /*--------------------------------------------------------*/ /* Execute a SQL statement that binds XML data */ /*--------------------------------------------------------*/ sword exec_bind_xml(OCISvc Ctx *svchp, OCIError *errhp, OCIStmt *stmthp, void *xml, OCIType *xmltdo, Ora Text *sqlstmt) /*--------------------------------------------------------*/ /* Initialize OCI handles, and connect */ /*--------------------------------------------------------*/ sword init_oci_connect() /*--------------------------------------------------------*/ /* Free OCI handles, and disconnect */ /*--------------------------------------------------------*/ void free_oci() void main() Note: For simplicity in demonstrating this feature, this example does not perform the password management techniques that a deployed system normally uses.

In a production environment, follow the Oracle Database password management guidelines, and disable any sample accounts.

This means that, to constrain XML data according to the values of individual elements or attributes, the standard approach for relational data does not apply.