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A genuinely un-fun experience that left me feeling ripped off, and the obnoxious lootbox system added insult to injury which left my blood boiling.

After mass effect: andromeda, star wars: gamblefront 2, and this atrocious title, I will be actively boycotting EA.

While the story missions are something to be endured, there’s better news elsewhere: you must grind to unlock each story chapter and, for once, the grinding is the most enjoyable part of a game.

Payback isn’t an intrinsically bad game: its open-world is large and varied, and the cars handle as you would expect in an arcade-oriented game.

See the full release notes here: Hawk/Release History.html#Bizhawk222 It is time to vote for your favorite movie of 2017 to win the prestigious TAS of the Year award!

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But alas, having played it, that would be an impossibility.