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It’s hard enough for me to be taken seriously and to have people focus on the quality of my /work/ instead of my gender and/or appearance.

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Summer Williams seems to be an engineer, not a scientist. Laura Spinney is an ecology and biology graduate student.

Also, shouldn’t they at least be out of graduate school before they have the label “scientist” pinned on them?

We are all attracted to human forms of some kind and there’s nothing wrong with that.

For me, the problem with a post like this is that, rather than celebrate human sexuality, it reinforces the cultural notion that women are valueless (regardless of career choice or ideological stance) unless they conform to a rigid notion of physical attractiveness. But posting this shows a disrespect to your female readership by exhibiting willful blindness to the hardships they face in being taken seriously in academic pursuits.

That’s how you get results when asking for consideration — by showing consideration. I can’t speak for all the women, or any of them necessarily, but as a woman and a grad student in the physical sciences, I would feel more uncomfortable and disappointed, rather than flattered, if I saw myself on this list.