Xiao gui and rainie yang dating

The legend of a team called MIT secretly protecting Sheng Ying School was never public acknowledged but nonetheless spread wildly among the student body.Tina admits that if she was with him she would always be happy feeling like she was in a drama with him.ladbuginha – You Tube, Lollipop F on 100% Entertainment (Fans’s Funfest) Zhao Ge “dating”, Xiao Zhu …

He said he doesn't mind if they turn the acting into something real, "Am more concerned that if they get together or if they break up, everyone will come ask me about it, I don't want to be pushed into this forming a 3 way relationship."Xiao Gui on GTV "Letter 1949" plays a character who is in a love triangle with Queenie Tai and Lin Yo Wei .

During the 4 day press conference, some media reporters misunderstood him, thinking he had once dated Pei Lin, he laughed saying " Mines is Rainie, not Pei Lin.".

This isn't the first post integrating DIY and KDrama, most definitely won't be the last...

But can he keep up both personas while juggling work life?

Look up at the camera, and try different facial expressions, or obstructing your face with your hair or clothing.