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Shortly after the incident, In February 2018, Locklear was arrested for kicking police officers who came to her Ventura County home to investigate a possible domestic violence situation.The victim of the alleged domestic violence was a boyfriend who had a physical injury, making the offense a felony, while Locklear claimed she had also been injured prior to the police arrival.She was released on bail and ordered to return to court the following month.

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Several stream running concurrent with these trends are interspersed throughout the section that might otherwise be excluded from a more narrowly focused study: visual deconstructions of language on the page (Stéphane Mallarmé), sound poetry scores (Historical Sound Poetry Scores) and Objectivist tendencies (Louis Zukofsky).

In this genre, drawing lines has proven to be a difficult task.

After 13 weeks, Locklear was written out of the show, but she was quickly offered a part on Spelling's other project, . Fox—and, later, Charlie Sheen—Locklear boosted the show's ratings and demonstrated her versatility as an actress.

In 2003, she signed on to star in her own NBC sitcom, .

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